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When “Princess Morgan” met the Disney princesses while on her dream vacation to Florida, it was a fantasy come true.

Morgan is the 7-year-old daughter of William and Traci Mengle of Weatherly. She and her family recently traveled to Florida as guests of Dream Come True, Blue Ridge Chapter.

“It was everything we could have hoped for and more,” said Mrs. Mengle.

From the moment the trip began, they said everything was perfect. The limousine was on time and there were no lines at Philadelphia Airport. The flight to Orlando was smooth and the family was met by friendly, enthusiastic volunteers of Give Kids the World children’s resort, who guided them to the baggage check and car rental agency.

“It was like watching a puzzle come together perfectly one piece at a time,” said Mrs.

Mengle, of the way the trip unfolded.

While in Florida, the family visited the four theme parks at Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios.

“Every day we were up and ready by 6:30 a.m. and had breakfast and were off,” she said.

“We spent the day in the parks and were back to GKTW by 6:30 or 7 p.m.

“Everywhere we went they referred to Morgan as Princess Morgan,” said Mrs. Mengle.

“It was so amazing how well we were treated.” There was no waiting in line for Morgan or her family. Through a special badge provided by GKTW, the family went to the head of the line at every attraction, plus received free photos and other extras throughout their stay.

The best moments of the trip were actually due to a misunderstanding.

“At Give Kids the World, every child is given a star to put their name on and is then placed permanently on the ceiling in the Castle of Miracles,” she said. “When I received the star, I thought they meant the Castle at Magic Kingdom.” At the Disney castle, Traci asked the attendant for help and he seemed puzzled because he had not heard about that promotion at Disney, so he asked the family to return later that day and he would have an answer for them.

“When we returned, he apologized and said that he had found out that the star promotion was for the place where we were staying, and then said there were some people who wanted to meet Princess Morgan,” she said.

The attendant led the family to the back of the castle to a large door and invited them inside the castle where all the princesses waited to meet Princess Morgan.

“We were awestruck,” she said. “Speechless.” “They were so beautiful and they were so nice to Morgan,” she said. “They all talked to us and we took photographs and they signed Morgan’s autograph book. The Princess Belle styled Morgan’s hair the same way she does her own.

“We still can’t believe how that all happened,” she said.

The family also had another special Disney moment due to a mistake. The family had reservations for the Hoop-De-Doo Revue at Pioneer Hall, but they got lost on the way and missed the special dinner. Mrs. Mengle called Disney World and explained how they were staying at Give Kids the World and had gotten lost with Disney workers rescheduling the dinner for the next night.

“When we arrived for the dinner, we were given front row center seats,” she said.

“Morgan actually became part of the show because we were so close to the front.” “I rang the dinner bell,” proudly announced Morgan.

Morgan’s short life has been far from idyllic.

She was born with congenital heart disease and with the upper right portion of her body underdeveloped. Outwardly her biggest disability is her right arm, which is shorter than her left and has muscle and tendons missing. She is missing cartilage in her ear, but her biggest problem is defects in her heart.

After nearly dying shortly after birth, she had three open heart surgeries, beginning at four weeks old. Her second surgery was at 10 months and the third at 17 months. She has three stints in her heart.

“When she was born, I was so upset because I worried about her arm,” said her mother.

“Her doctors told me that if I could see her heart,I would forget about her arm.” Morgan seems unaware that she has disabilities. She plays t-ball and biddy baseball.

“We’re always let her do as much for herself as possible,” said her mother.

Her mother said that the trip was truly a trip of a lifetime.

“We can’t believe how wonderfully we were treated,”she said. “We felt like royalty. We want to thank Dream Come True for all they have done for our family.” “It was truly a dream come true for Morgan,” she said. “It couldn’t have gone better.”